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Need something to help you understand all those complicated math equations in a breeze? Octave can help you out in that department. If you think that MatLab is awesome and want a similar type of software minus the dent in your pocket, Octave is your man. The program is the open source version of the commercial math program, MatLab. Despite being offered absolutely free, Octave still manages to stand up to its expensive counterpart. It provides an easy way for you to solve linear and non-linear mathematical problems. The program also works together with its paid counterpart so using it is a breeze if you are already familiar with the former. Solving math problems has just become so much easier with this cool new program. Check it out.


If you are an artist, engineer, architect or an aspiring one, then you might have heard of Google Sketchup. The program is free to download for home use and definitely very helpful when it comes to learning how to render various objects and structures needed for your particular course. With this helpful program, it's much easier to practice and learn 3D rendering and modelling. Pretty much, it can help you create houses, decks, rooms, floorplans or other objects in 3D. It's certainly an easy and free way to find out whether creating 3D models is perfect for you. The program is offered absolutely free but also has a Premium version. It contains plenty of features and is simple to use that almost any novice can master the program.


Looking for a reliable and free MIDI synthesizer, recorder and composer? Take a look at Temper. Released by Angry Red Planet, this cool software has been praised by music enthusiasts as a simple tool to use for creating music. Like most programs, Temper is offered as "unrestricted, unexpiring trialware." Of course, purchasing a license is required once it is used for commercial purposes. Just because it's not the licensed version though doesn't mean it's a dud. In fact, plenty of the features users normally get from the full version are available in the free version of the program. Pretty much users can add, layer, tweak music and so much more. Worth checking and trying out if you're a musician looking for a reliable music creation software.


If you ever had trouble writing and organizing your novel, you might need some helping hand. yWriter is an easy to use software that helps you organize your writing according to scenes and chapters. It allows you to work on specific points of your novel to easily achieve your goal. yWriter was written by Simon Haynes, a writer and programmer, to help him with his needs as an author. The program is continually being expanded as he takes in comments and suggestions from fellow novelists.


OpenSong is a simple but very useful software for managing lyrics, chords, lead sheets as well as presenting them during performances or gatherings. Perfect for musicians; this music managing software is available as a free download online. The program works for a variety of systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX; giving the user great flexibility and convenience when it comes to presenting their music to a crowd or group.


Taksi is a straightforward program that works great in capturing live video from different types of 3D games or any 3D application. It helps users compress file formats in real time and contains customizable keyboard shortcuts to help capturing much easier. Taksi is inspired from Fraps, which also works to capture 3D images from the computer screen. But the best thing about this program is that it is absolutely free; letting you enjoy it anytime.

Tweek Auto Post

No doubt Twitter has become a part of a lot of people's daily lives. In fact, for some, it's hard not to sneak a tweet or two even in the most unconventional/prohibited places like the workplace! If you are looking for a more efficient (and much safer) way of getting your 140 word thoughts out even while you are busy, you can use Tweek Auto Post to post your messages at a scheduled time.


Although some people might think that the days of the CD/DVD is going South, there are still in fact plenty of people who use these shiny little round plastics for various purposes. If you need help setting up a special mix CD or simply need to save data on CD/DVD, then Infrarecorder can help you out with that. This is one open source software that you can count on when it comes to most of your burning needs.


There are plenty of legitimate reasons why it's important to be able to surf anonymously. Whether you want to cover your tracks whenever you enter personal data onto a website or whether you just want to hide your browsing activities; having a reliable anonymous surfing software can greatly help. Vidalia is a simple but easy to use software that provides users with a great degree of privacy; ensuring that every surfing move is kept protected to a certain degree.