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The Wager

The Wager is a new indie game developed by Peter Silk & Kieran Walsh. It was created as one of the entries for the Ludum Dare competition and was put together in an impressive 72 hours. The game has been winning quite a few positive responses since its release and the developers promise to work out the kinks in succeeding updates. It's currently available as a free download on their website. In it, you play an explorer who goes out into the world to explore and seek out various treasures. Your main objective is to earn as much money as possible. The more you earn, the bigger chance of you winning the game.


If you ever wondered how smoke behaves during any particular scenario, then you could definitely benefit from having Dusty in your computer. Now, I know you're probably scratching your head and asking yourself, "what do I need a smoke simulator for?" Well, for one, it's helpful if you're an animator, game developer or artist and you want to realistically portray how smoke would flow when a fire is lit up. The program is available for download on Windows but there's also a Mac version. The algorithm is based on the Stable Fluids Algorithm created by Jos Stam. If you're interested, you can hit the download link above the image to get this cool software.


Modelling in 3D has never been simpler thanks to K-3D. This amazing software is a free program that'll help you render and create 3D masterpieces. The program incorporates various helpful plugins as well as "visualization pipeline architecture" to help users create stunning 3D images. It was developed by Timothy Shead and released just last April 2010. So far, it's been winning a lot of critics thanks to its useful interface and easy to use tools. It's designed for use by professional artists but even those that are still getting a feel for 3D rendering can easily use it. K-3D is available as available for free download and licensed under a GNU General Public License.


Tired of having your digital pictures fall short of what you are trying to capture? Give Picturenaut a try. The program is ideal for tweaking your HDR images and making them look even better. The program is available for a free download so you won't have to shell out any cash to obtain great results for your pictures. The software is perfect for achieving a realistic HDR image. It's easy to use and you can get your images in practically seconds. Developed by March Mehl, it's definitely a helpful piece of software for HDR photography enthusiasts out there.

Harbor Master HD

Harbor Master HD is a fun and very addictive game that will keep you busy for a good long time. It's a lot like Flight Control except this time you don't handle airplanes, you handle boats instead. Your job is to navigate the boats around a busy harbor so they can smoothly dock in and out of the space without running into each other. Created by Imangi Studios, LLC, the game is a cool take on being a dock master. It was first released in 2010 and already won raves from gamers. Although the game is offered for free, there are additional maps that you can purchase for a small fee. Nevertheless, the current free map is enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Teragati (Attachment Computing)

If you like space games, Teragati might deserve a spot in your iPhone or iPad. This fun game puts you in control of a spaceship that has to avoid or steer clear from various space junk hurling its way. It's a fun game that will definitely become an instant favorite on your iOS device. Teragati was created by Attachment Computing and made available on the App Store for free. It features wonderful graphics, as well as a highly addictive gameplay. Perfect for when you're bored or simply have too much time in your hands; the game is addictive and will definitely be tons of fun.

Desktop Poems

Remember those days when you would sit in your kitchen, in front of your fridge and move around those word magnets to try and shape it into a phrase or a sentence? Well, if you miss being able to do that or you simply don't spend enough time in your kitchen anymore, then grab this cool software. Desktop Poems mimic how word fridge magnets used to work. You get a random bunch of words that you can move around and arrange any way you want. The software was developed by Fredrik Olsson and is currently available as a free download from the App Store. Check out the software right now.

General Conflict

General Conflict is the result of a project created by 8 talented students from Utrecht School of the Arts. The game is a simple yet enjoyable fast-paced shooter platform that is perfect if you have several buddies over (currently it can accommodate up to 3 players) and are clearly looking for some fun as well. This great little action platformer is still being upgraded by the team as they get a feel for the response and feedback they receive from gamers. However, that doesn't stop it from being such a fun game to try out though.

John Cube

If puzzle games are more your thing, Johnny Cube should prove entertaining. This cool puzzler runs in the same vein as Sokoban. The game involves plenty of block pushing and puzzle solving. Even though it's quite new (released just this month by Primož Vovk, otherwise known as Blodyavenger) the game is already winning good points for its smooth gameplay. This is the second indie release for the developer, following the footsteps of the 2D game, Obelisk Blocks. It's definitely a game worth playing. The graphics are clean, gameplay is much better and smoother than Sokoban and it's certainly quite enjoyable. Give it a download by clicking the Download Game link on the upper left.