Looking for a reliable and free MIDI synthesizer, recorder and composer? Take a look at Temper. Released by Angry Red Planet, this cool software has been praised by music enthusiasts as a simple tool to use for creating music.

Like most programs, Temper is offered as “unrestricted, unexpiring trialware.” Of course, purchasing a license is required once it is used for commercial purposes.  Just because it’s not the licensed version though doesn’t mean it’s a dud. In fact, plenty of the features  users normally get from the full version are available in the free version of the program. Users can add, layer, tweak music and so much more. Worth checking and trying out if you’re a musician looking for a reliable music creation software.

If there’s one thing Temper gets props for, it’s the simple and easy-to-use interface the software provides. The program makes it easy to use for beginners or those who haven’t tried out any music software before. First time users will have no trouble navigating their way through the screen. However, for those looking for more concrete instructions though, there’s a full online manual available as well.

The program is packed with all the basic features expected in a MIDI program. Some of the ones listed on their site includes:

  • sophisticated event routing and manipulation
  • powerful MIDI editing environment
  • interactive algorithmic composition tools
  • decor
  • perform time
  • multiple takes per track
  • simultaneous multi-track editing
  • tool chaining
  • unified MIDI controllers+VST automation
  • multicore audio engine

It does host VST’s, so you can easily add those. However, the software already contains a good number of onboard sounds so there’s no need to add new ones right away. All the pattern editor, sequencer and config panel are easily located in the same window which makes it readily accessible. Another nice feature with the program is that it’s possible to cut and paste in the pattern editor. This makes it so much faster to use.

Go ahead and give the software a download. See what beauty you can create with this one.

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