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KToon is an efficient 2D animation program that was created by animators designed for use by fellow animators. However, unlike most animation programs, this is entirely offered under a GPL license so aspiring animators can make use of it for free. The animation tool is still a work in progress so bug fixes and new versions are still being developed. Nevertheless, it already works great for creating your very own 2D animation project.

Gungirl Sequencer

Sequencing audio to your video files has become much easier, thanks to Gungirl Sequencer. Sure, the name might be a little odd sounding but this program gets the job done. Moreover, it features an easy to use interface that will turn help out any beginner. The program has received positive reviews because of its simple interface and straighforward controls. It is the perfect program for any beginner looking to try their hand in audio sequencing.


Transferring sensitive data from one computer to another can become a bit tricky but even more when you are not sure whether the data on the old computer can be completely wiped out or not. For instances like this, DataNoodlesLite can become a great option. This small program helps you safely delete any or all of your important files after transferring them to another computer or disposing of an old equipment. It is a great program that helps keep sensitive and personal information from getting into the wrong hands.


A majority of the tools we have for defragging will only let us defrag the entire drive and never just a portion of a drive. With Defraggler, you are given a choice to defrag just a part of your drive in order to get the best results. Defraggler is an all-free program that helps to reorganize your RAM and makes sure that computer is performing efficiently. It's an easy to download software that also contains a simple interface to use.


RedNotebook is a simple program that allows you to record your thoughts and ideas through text and images. The program works like a graphical diary that allows you to write down what has happened in your day. It will also allow you to take down important notes, remind you of your schedule and plenty more. If you have been looking for a software that will provide you with personal diary or organizer of sorts on your computer, then count on RedNotebook to do the job for you.

CC Publisher

If you are a bedroom musician, indie film maker, game developer or a graphics artist, you might want to add a creative commons license to your work to help protect against copyright infringement. Cc Publisher is a great little software developed by creative commons to help make licensing your work so much easier. The program is easy to use and runs on a variety of systems including Linux, Mac and of course, Windows.


Sketching in front of your computer has become much easier and cheaper thanks to programs like Skencil. Skencil is a vector drawing software that helps artists and enthusiasts create beautiful sketches on their computers. In spite of the name change (it was formerly known as "Sketch") all of the features and GUI remain intact. The program is very helpful for creating illustrations, diagrams as well as other types of drawings. The entire application is created almost entirely from Python which is makes it highly specialized yet still easy to use.

inSSIDer Wi-Fi Scanner

Tired of having to look for your wireless signal every now and then? If you have been having intermittent connection, then you might want to find out what's causing it and maybe change the channels for your wifi frequency so that it won't get interference from other signals. But, how do you do it? Well, changing the wireless channel is actually easy but if you want to do it easier, you can install inSSIDer Wifi Scanner. It is a helpful program that helps you scan your surroundings for any wifi network, view their encryption type, the channel they are broadcasting, its name and more. This will help you adjust your channel accordingly to get a better signal or simply tap into a free wifi network for all your browsing needs.

MP3 Diags

Tired of having to go through your mp3 files and trying to figure out which one will work and which one won't? If you need help in sorting, fixing and changing information on your audio files, then you have a handy helper in MP3 Diags. MP3 Diags is a program that will help organize information in your audio library, scan and fix any corrupted files that might be stashed away somewhere and will even allow you to take a glimpse inside the body of an MP3 file. Essentially, the program is an efficient way of fixing your music files.