Clownage: Premiers Maux

Clownage is a four piece high energy indie rock band from Paris, France. Their sound touches on Muse's arena rock formula but creates it's own identity with their incorporation of the melody into every song. Lead singer/guitarist Jérôme Litré-Froment has a strong voice that has a good amount of range and an impassioned delivery in both French and English lyrics. Guitarist Louis Teran, bassist Olivier Crescence, and drummer Jérôme Ceva all make a concerted attempt to change up the sounds and timing that make for an album of memorable and hummable songs.

Flat People: Flat People

Even though they call themselves the Flat People, it doesn't exactly mean that their music is "flat." In fact, it's quite the opposite. The group creates lovely upbeat, indie pop rock that's reminiscent of a more indie infused Beach Boys. Spearheaded by Dallas native, Bob Guittard; the group was first setup back in 2002. After several lineup changes and quite a few recording session, the group finally settled on their current lineup and released this self-titled record. The compilation is equipped with 12 tracks that are worth checking out. Give this album a download. It's under creative commons and offered absolutely free.

Abscondo: Fo(u)r Colors

After deciding to move from Seattle to the country of Slovakia, Abscondo, started recording his first few indie pop acoustic tracks. According to the artist, his moniker not only serves as a nice artist name but it also reflects his own lifestyle. Fo(u)r Colors is a 4 track EP that includes songs from his new and upcoming album. His first release Midnight Show is also available for free download and is quite popular in Jamendo.

The Wagner Logic: Easiest to Grab

Shoegazer indie rock that makes you feel "infinite." Perhaps the Wagner Logic has noticed the many criticisms they got after tagging "punk" along with their genre in Jamendo, because they removed it and left their description as indie, alternative, postrock and rock. Well, those words are more fitting in describing their beautifully melodic release, Easiest to Grab anyway. The Wagner Logic is composed of Jeremy Wagner and James Glave who by their own definition are "two mysterious friends challenged to a blood pact...making music in the woods." This is their very first release and for sure it's not going to be the last one.

“The Politics of Desire” by Revolution Void – a free electric jazz album

With a consistently high ranking on Jamendo, Revolution Void's latest album, The Politics of Desire, has set the standards of electric jazz music quite high. Revolution Void is a music project by Jonah Dempcy, who started it way back in 1995. With the quotation 'We are the facilitators of our own creation' boldly stated in his website, Dempcy released his albums through Creative Commons.As the third album released under the Revolution Void Records net label, The Politics of Desire has a polished selection of electro jazz instrumental songs. It was described as a fresh take to electronic music and had a blend of different sounds.

Audra Hardt: Superficial Superstar

Audra Hardt is a local girl . . . local to Los Angeles & Hollywood, that is. And the entertainment capital of the world is certainly a great place to play . . . perhaps too great. As a child, Audra did everything to the max; a candle burning at both ends and sometimes in the middle. Rebellious, indulgent, independent, self destructive . . . Everything in the EXTREME. At 15 Audra had an epiphany..........