Still Noah: Ahead

It is not quite often that we hear from a band all the way from Austria that caters to our spiritual needs and this is where still noah comes in. They create music and songs to share the wonderful melodies and thoughts life has to offer that will surely warm your hearts and move your emotions.

Jonathan Dimmel: The Worst and the Best

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Dimmel not only writes music for himself but also plays in the band Satellites and Sirens. So what does Jonathan Dimmel have that separates him from his fellow indie rock and rollers? His songs are heavily inspired by rotations on many contemporaries that helps fill the void in the indie rock genre.

This Public Life: The Banquet

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, This Public Life makes their way to the musical spotlight through their acoustic driven outfit. But do not get fooled by their south-eastern suburb origins because they offer tunes with the industry credibility of the alternative and underground culture. They are heavily influenced by bands like Interpol, Sleepy Jacksons, as well as Turin Breaks and The Doves so you can expect the same sentiments from This Public Life. The Banquet is a six track album from which they have conceived the cover art from a constellation reference.

Elcko: Out Of Order

Elcko's 2010 release, Out Of Order proves that ten years of experience and unpretentious rock n' roll can really make a difference. Hailing from France, the 4-piece band of Manel (back vocals), Cédric (drums), Julien (bass) and Alex (vocals/ guitars) offers a new kind of rock blending organic, electronic and metal. Silence is Over opens the gates to a subtle mix of sweet brit-pop and powerful rock. Alex passionately delivers this track and belts out in the right parts.

Stefano Mocini: A Cat Playing

If you are looking for a soulful, rich, and inspiring instrumental sounds that will help to smooth out your day, then we have something just for you. Stefano Mocini's A Cat Playing is one of the most melodious piano only compilations I have stumbled upon in a long time. With each track outperforming the previous one, A Cat Playing is one of the few albums where pin pointing the favorite song is nearly impossible; even after few long listens. The melodies brilliantly flow and connect each of the tracks; and all this is managed with just a single instrument.

Special Quartet: Namouche

Special Quartet is a powerful contemporary jazz group with a solid sense of tradition. Armed with the piercing sounds of Narciso González's sax, Javier Alcántara's guitar, Pablo Romero's superb piano, and Pepin Muñoz's drums, the quartet have released their debut album Namouche as their answer to the long time search for their own unique voice in jazz. Although the album was recorded all the way back in December of 2007 non of it's quality was lost over time. So here it is, another treat for all the jazz lovers out there.