Just Plain Ant: Fly

This album is a first production by Richmond, VA producer Just Plain Ant in which he showcases many young & creative local artist. Seemingly old-fashioned at heart, with carefully drafted lyrics and classic beats, the album offers what the main stream bling-infested, sex-oriented money driven hip-hop scene is missing: fresh, thought-provoking & innovative release. "Fly" features artists like Rasul The Nobody, Brad Oblivion, EENJ, Joey Ripps, Stephany Alva and others.

Quietly Concerned: Homeless

Being ‘homeless’ is an eternal transitory period; it’s not as much as that of having no permanent residence, but more of a cathartic, endless journey. This is the atmosphere that South African folk musician Quietly Concerned (Kyle Meenehan in real life) evokes in his first EP, “Homeless”. Recorded in a house in Johannesburg and a mountain cabin in Lesotho, Meenehan flits from one form of love to another just like his nomadic lifestyle over the years.

Brad Sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Dedicated to creating infectious tunes, Brad Sucks' full-lenght album I Don't Know What I'm Doing offers twelve electro rock tunes for steady partying. The brainchild of Brad Turcotte, this one-man band hailing from Ottawa, Canada is focused on writing, recording, and producing tracks that are available for listeners to download and share. In 2001, Brad Sucks started using the Internet to spread his music to a wider audience. Some of the his tracks have already been used on television and played on various radio stations. Brad is also involved in the open source community designing open source packages for musicians.

Sound System: Lovers EP (Free Bonus-Tracks)

Cuddling your pillow under soft sheets on a rainy afternoon while listening to the melodious tracks of Lovers EP will keep your melancholic heart at peace. This album is a mix tape of love songs by Sound System, released in June 2013, following the album I’m Here in 2012.

Fall Walk Run: Piece by Piece

Ready to fill-up that folk acoustic craving? Fall Walk Runs Piece by Piece is texture, timbre, and fun molded into one outstanding collection. Hailing from Wolverhampton, UK, Fall Walk Run is an indie musical duo comprising of Stuart Eaves and Lawrence Harvey.

Bryyn: FTTme

Swiss music is always good to have since only a few are around to choose from. Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, the French-speaking part of the country, Bryyn is the living proof that army knives and hot chocolate beverages are not the only things that the Swiss should be proud of. Most of his songs are written and recorded at his apartment together with his wife, Rachel and a couple of his friends playing the instruments.

Project Divinity: Divinity

If there are three words to encapsulate Divinity, that would be elegant, ambient, and atmosphere. Project Divinitys 2006 release is a collection of the groups published tunes. Tightly packed with fifteen tracks and with currently 70,000 plus downloads in Jamendo, this album is an epitome of spellbinding, psychedelic music.

Galdson: Roots

Galdsons 2006 release, Roots, is a dynamic classical album designed for relaxing and easy listening. Hailing from Ortigueira, Spain, Galdson Vicente Orjales is a composer who began his musical studies at the young age of 10. As a professional musician and teacher, Galdson specializes in piano. Today, he combines teaching and passion for music, creating two albums thats available for download under Creative Commons.

Tymphony: A Wish for Awaking in the Dream

Bringing you fun and energy-filled symphonies, A Wish for Awaking in the Dream will surely awaken your senses. Formed in 2004 at Bosphorus University, the Istanbul-based band Tymphony derives its name from the combination of the words "tempo" and "symphony". This ten-track collection encapsulates their name as it features a rhythmic mixture of oriental ambient, symphonic forms, and icelandic elements.