Kyler England: Noisetrade Sampler

Kyler England walks down new territories in this new Noisterade sampler that features ten tracks of tasteful pop electronica. Based in Los Angeles, CA, singer-songwriter Kyler is a member of the band The Rescues. Kyler’s nuanced songwriting and diverse sonic palate made her tracks easy favorites for TV shows including Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Switched at Birth, the feature film Lucky Ones, to name a few. She also has toured opening for Sting, Annie Lennox, and Kelly Clarkson.

Cary Brothers: Noisetrade Sampler

Movie and TV soundtracks are a true audiophile's friends, mostly because are a goldmine for good music and new acts to look out for. This is precisely the path of Cary Brothers, author of multiple heart-wrenching anthems you might have heard on productions such as "Garden State" and "Easy A". If you want to know him better outside the silver screen, you'll have no regrets listening to his Noisetrade Sampler.

Little Comets: A Little Comets Sampler

Craving to attend that super hip music festival but the heavens won’t permit? Listen to what the Little Comets have to offer instead! With a repertoire described as “kitchen sink indie”, this English three-piece act have been working their way into every music lover’s hearts since 2009.

Charlie Barclay: The Love You Give

Lots of new acoustic acts pass by our radars unnoticed, but not Charlie Barclay. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is hoping to make his mark in the music scene, and his debut EP The Love You Give is a good attempt on breaking in.

The Eastern Sea: Summer Tour Sampler

Admit it: you are a sucker for some good ‘ol indie rock. This time around, delivering the goods are last year’s breakout act, The Eastern Sea, whose second offering Plague has wiped out all doubts of their success.