Movie and TV soundtracks are a true audiophile’s friends, mostly because these are a goldmine for good music and new acts to look out for.

This is precisely the path of Cary Brothers, author of multiple heart-wrenching anthems you might have heard on productions such as “Garden State” and “Easy A”. If you want to know him better outside the silver screen, you’ll have no regrets listening to his Noisetrade Sampler.

The adult contemporary fodder “Under Control” starts the smorgasbord with a profound maturity that can rival any of his contemporaries; both John Mayer and Jason Mraz might want to tighten their songwriting.

The somber “Alien” keeps the train going, and its haunting piano melodies surely heightened the sharp mood of the atmosphere more.

On the other hand, the fairly-light stylings of “Blue Eyes’” live acoustic rendition and the Level 42 cover “Something About You” are classic treats that will go well with your freshly brewed coffee.

And to put an end to everyone’s inquiry, ‘Brothers’ is a surname. Regardless, these are one bunch of tunes to rave about, truly.

Track listing:
1. Under Control
2. Alien
3. Blue Eyes (live acoustic)
4. Something About You

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