Kyler England walks down new territories in this new Noisterade sampler that features ten tracks of tasteful pop electronica.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, singer-songwriter Kyler is a member of the band The Rescues. Kyler’s nuanced songwriting and diverse sonic palate made her tracks easy favorites for TV shows including Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Switched at Birth, the feature film Lucky Ones, to name a few. She also has toured opening for Sting, Annie Lennox, and Kelly Clarkson.

Battle Cry opens the album with rhythmic pop beats that sails smoothly with Kyler’s solid, powerful vocals. The track has a subdued tempo perfect for easy listening during long drives.

Take These Things to Heart gathers ideal pop elements to craft a radio-polished track. Press play and let this piece’s emotional lines struck your very core. While third track We Rise Like Smoke exudes a chill vibe that’s perfect for late night dinners.

You Wait For Rain is arguably the most moving track in the entire album. Kyler sings about heartbreaks and parting ways with someone you love. Here, the instruments are stripped down to its most basic elements, extending down-tempo melodies and a hint of strings, that perfectly highlights Kely’s vocals. The combination of male and female vocals at the end gives variation to the song.

Bells and Whistles closes the album in nostalgic goodness. Drown in an alternative arrangement that can be at par with mainstream ones. The track features a dreamy vibe but still maintains the right level of energy will never get the audience bored.

All in all, this album introduces Kyler England as a full-blown artist that knows how to work her chose genre and capture mainstream and indie ears.

Track List:
1. Battle Cry
2. Take These Things to Heart
3. We Rise Like Smoke
4. You and I
5. Simple Machine
6. When The World Stops Spinning
7. You Wait for Rain
8. Clean Slate
9. Leave a Light On
10. Bells and Whistles

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