To All My Old Friends from Kyle Cox is a compilation of songs that center on  emotions or events that often trip us in life.  The album compiles six folk pop tracks that showcase a raw honesty both lyrically and melodically; letting you enjoy tracks that are not only comforting but also very expressive.

Simple, melancholic yet lyrically and melodically rich, this is what you can expect from the entire album.

This Florida native has had music under his repertoire since 3rd grade. Through time, his classical piano skills have evolved and turned into this wonderfully sweet combination of folk, pop, melodic rock as showcased in his EP, To All My Old Friends.

According to the artist, the album is all about having fun.  He continues, “I never plan on or really want to make sustainable income from the music I write.  I love my job here at the church so much that it would be really difficult for me to leave.  But I still really enjoy writing, recording, playing my own music, and I don’t think I’ll ever quit doing that.” (

After listening to this guy’s album, it’s sort of a shame that he doesn’t really want to become a full time musician. Then again, maybe that’s the main reason why his compilation is quite good in the first place.

The album opens with the “Company” which finds the singer questioning God about his life. It’s filled with a catchy melody mixed with piano and guitar riffs. A personal favorite is “Coming Back Home” which runs with a beautiful melody and very emotional lyrics. Each track carries personal lyrics that almost anyone can relate with.

Whether you are in the mood for an emotional reverie or simply looking for good music, this album will definitely be worth your time.

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