Kyle Cox

Hey, It’s Christmas! Vol. 1 [Compilation CD]

Here's a Christmas present you can open early this year, Hey, It's Christmas Vol. 1 compilation album is now available for download right here on Frostclick and on the album's main site. Fifteen talented artists bring to life some of your all-time favorite Christmas carols. Artists like Kyle Cox, The Silver Fleece, Greg Perkins, The Oceanauts and so many more, breathe new life to these timeless classics while incorporating their brand of folk, acoustic and even electronic pop style into it. If you've been looking for a great album to play for your fireplace gatherings this Holiday season, then you've got your record, right here. It will certainly help make your Christmas season a little brighter and a lot more warmer. Happy Holidays!

Kyle Cox: To All My Old Friends

To All My Old Friends from Kyle Cox is a compilation of songs that center on emotions or events that often trip us in life. The album compiles six folk pop tracks that showcase a raw honesty both lyrically and melodically; letting you enjoy tracks that are not only comforting but also very expressive. Simple, melancholic yet lyrically and melodically rich, this is what you can expect from the entire album.