If you like Chvrches but you don’t dig too much of the synths masking the vocals, Wild Ones is the band to listen to. This Portland six-piece band has garnered a lot of attention for their brand of dreampop. They have been on Spin, been featured on many notable music blogs, signed to Topshelf Records. And why not? Their debut album has shown so much talent that is worth all accolades written about them.


Formed back in 2010, Wild Ones is a relatively young band composed of young artists coming together to create a cohesive sound just like their veteran contemporaries. The track Golden Twin opens up as a lush electronica song ringing with potential and promise. Danielle Sullivan’s voice remains clear even in the middle of all the music dynamics. The song truly has all the makings of a perfect single – it highlights all the strengths of the bands and turns it into a whimsical song.

18 Mile Island is a fevered ballad that cradles Sullivan’s voice perfectly. It is soft on the edges, punctuated by ringing guitars that seem to echo in a dream. It is the kind of song that will come to you on a slow Saturday night in an anticipation of a kiss or a goodbye. Lion Heart has the makings of an 80’s synth-heavy song while Paia returns back to the glazed, twinkly indiepop tune. Dig through this 11-track album and you will surely find gems along the way.

Track List:
1. Golden Twin
2. Curse Over Me
3. Rivals
4. 18 Mile Island
5. It’s Real
6. Row
7. Nina
8. From Nothing
9. Lion Heart
10. Paia
11. Keep It Safe

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