Before this you might not have heard of Vanatei [Va-neeh-tee], and after, you’ll either find your next favorite female rapper or move on to find somebody else. I’m not exactly big on female rappers myself, but the few that I’ve discovered I actually really liked. One of the latest female MCs I’ve come across is Vanatei.

This spunky girl from Newark, New Jersey is not just a rapper but also an advertising guru. [She set up and manages her own advertising business.] Her skills as a rapper is something to rave about as well, with her album Dis Bish Got Moola, showcasing her knack for creating catchy beats while spitting out stark lyrics and producing good rhythm. 


Vanatei has always loved rapping. In her interview over at Securitypleeze, the singer admits to creating and jotting down rhymes on paper since she was 11 or 12 and likens her style to a combo of Big Pun, M.I.A. and Kelis. Indeed, her lyrics are quite raw, focusing more on her experiences and simply being true to her “hustlin’ lifestyle.”

The carrier single, Dis Bish Got Moola, has a nice catchy beat and a laid-back hip hop feel. Plus, the recording quality is quite good. From the onset you’ll recognize that she definitely has something to bring to the table in terms of skill and style. Her vocals are quite strong and authoritative, commanding listeners at every turn.

Meanwhile, her other track, Bitch You Ain’t A Barbie, has generated quite a controversy among YouTube commenters since it first came out. Most of them think that the song is a diss to Nicki. Whatever the case may be, the song is pretty cool. It contains tight beats and comes with honest lyrics. It also features another female rapper, Semi.

There’s no denying that Dis Bish Got Moola has its gems. Vanatei’s talent is hard to ignore, her skills are as good as any of the mainstream female rappers out there and her attitude, personality and style, with the right management, will bring her right to the top. This alone makes her an artist worth checking out.

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  • Sfairborne

    I was totally unimpressed by this song! It lacked originality and is an one phrase song done over and over over a beat that deserves better

  • Guest

    Good beat….a mess of lyrics…

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  • Cypyanyango

    fuck that stupid stop showing her on my frostwire default page

  • Amberelli

    This song is lame

  • Almost


  • Darcprince

    Cute young lady but the song just plain sucked!!!!! Next time try making music w/o the curse words.

  • Humphreyscounty

    dis is st8 bullshit u aint no barbie ethier cuz nicki is

  • nana

    the song isnt bad, it just needs work. you could never make it with this song

  • Effyalawless

    They are wack as hell and need to get off Manajs bumper!! Haters***Them duck face bitches couldnt “rap”(wrap) a gift on Christmas day!!!!!

  • Juancarlos Lopez61

    i think shes talking shit to nicki minaj

  • Black Rhico

    this is the worst song in the history of female rappers. who is writing her shyt? I hope this is not your day job……the production is absolute trash

  • Dave

    its good to try.nicki was worst.when she used to come by,my old job in bk (C i i communication with her boyfriend (cablevision) b4,she (bcum) where shes at now

  • the article overcompensated. . . horrible lyrics but the beat is great. Could’ve done better.

  • ahron

    i like it cause its fresh n new so u all could stop the hate how many of u have a song playing anywhere the girl is working hard this is where she is who knows where she will b in time keep up the good work vanatei

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  • guest

    i no yuu aint talking bout nicki and yur yo song sound like this gtfoh with out that nice beat but tha lyrics is a HOT MESS

  • WhoTheFuckCares

    over wieght melanie fiona and macy grey

  • Moochi_jay17

    i thnk te song is hot. just needs ah lil more hype; the beat and lyricare gucci;

  • Mary

    Yeah this pretty much sucked and they’re just mad because Nicki is 10 times better then they will ever ever ever be…on a serious note. TEAM NICKI OVER HERE !

  • Team V!

    Oh, are we scared of competition?

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