If you’re in the mood for some uptempo indie rock, listening to theĀ The Julys is a good place to start. According to their facebook bio, the band started off “as two young men coping with the loss of their respective harpy women.”

They’ve certainly come a long way since then. Now, the band is a quartet that creates some really good and catchy indie rock mixes. Instead of bitter, heart wrenching lyrics; the band takes on a feel-good disposition; filling their sound with bouncy beats, hipster style guitars and some wild Little Richardstyle singing.

Armed with catchy tunes and a nice 50s rock and roll flair, The Julys manage to entertain and engage listeners with their hipster indie rock style. Starting with the frantic and catchy Springsteen, they couple shouty vocals with sporadic drumming and spastic guitars. It’s followed by the equally upbeat, In French. Again, you have the characteristic wailing-50s vocals matched up with quirky guitar work, handclaps and a feel-good vibe.

By the time you get to Bowie, you’d be groovin’ and expecting nothing less from the hipster indie rockers. The song is right up their alley, this time showcasing their penchant for good lyrics and vocal mixing. The remaining singles, Declan and NYE, resound in plenty of hipster influence. The band admits to being fans of hipster champions, The Strokes. Indeed, their sound does reflect this admiration as it contains a similar catchy beat and stylistic swagger.

Overall, each track on this mini EP is worth exploring. Whether you even like to listen to hipster/indie rock or not, the songs are guaranteed to at least generate good vibes. Take a listen. The album is available at a name-your-price option.

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