Broke For Free: Layers

Layers is the latest chillout release from Tom Cascino, aka Broke For Free. With a prolific number of remixes and releases under his belt, this Santa Cruz artist is sharing his latest compilation absolutely free. The album is a beautiful mixture of synths, drums and mellow instrumental beats that make for a good soundtrack during your nap time or if you just want to zone out and not have to worry about flipping the music controls every couple of minutes. Containing 10 free tracks, the album is offered as a free download under a Creative Commons license.

Telepathic Teddy Bear: The Course of Empire

A cacophony of eccentric melodies and stylings, The Course of Empire translates beats and imagery into good music that moves our inner cores. This five-track thematic album by Telepathic Teddy Bear is based off the series of art paintings by Thomas Cole, which played a big part in reflecting popular American sentiments in times when many considered pastoralism as an ideal phase of civilization, fearing that an empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay. The song titles in the album are adapted from the titles of Cole’s paintings.
The 5th Element Cover

Kellee Maize: The 5th Element

‘The 5th Element’ is Kellee Maize’s 5th studio album released for Valentine’s Day 2014, perfectly co-relating to the albums main theme. The 5th and missing element is Love – which in its unconditional form could help humanity evolve its consciousness from the “love of power to the power of love”, says Kellee Maize on her website quoting Jimi Hendrix.

The White Panda: Bambooyah!

Indulge yourselves on The White Panda’s 50-minute continuous mash-up album. Jam-packed with crazy ecstatic beats, Bambooyah! will definitely blow the steam off the night. Though the tracks may be brief snippets, every single one of them is a highlight. These are accentuated by the exciting diversions into psychedelic space.

Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison: Paid Time Off

Here’s another raunchy comeback from one of FrostClick’s favorite rapper, Mike Schpitz. After his successful release of Spring Cleaning, which was also featured here in FrostClick, comes another set of fresh hip hop tunes to cap off 2013 in Paid Time Off. Haiing from Topeka, Kansas but is currently based in Chicago, Mike Schpitz is a three-in-one machine who juggles in between a full-time job, being a parent, and rapping.

Kira Velella: Daughter

Bask your soul in summer breeze and rain showers with Kira Velella‘s debut EP Daughter. Packed with six tracks, this sampler plate gives us a sneak peak to the New York-based singer/songwriter’s raw craftsmanship.

Wordsmith: The Backstage EP

Appearing on the FrostClick blog yet again – Wordsmith is back with another great release. This time around the artist teamed up with his fellow label mate, his cousin CuzOH!, and together set forth to bring an 8 track long The Backstage EP that comes wrapped up with a special bonus cut.

Canto el Cuerpo Elctrico

With short pops of energy, this self titled debut from Canto el Cuerpo Electrico is a likable compilation even if you may not speak the language. Carrying a simple acoustic pop sound, the album is filled with 10 cuts recorded by Lautaro Barcelo and crew.