Well-loved band Hudson treats us again with a unique tale in Crimson. Hudson is the musical project of John Boswell and Will Crowley. The band specializes in concept albums with a folk rock aesthetic. Written and recorded within one week (April 1-9 2011), this genre-spanning album tells the story of a castaway who leads a rebellion against a tyrannical king.

Layered earthly vocals welcomes the listeners in Belfry. Steady rhytmic beats dabbed with electric guitars establishes the setting of the story as well as the castaways’ remote existence.

A personal favourite, Foreboding Times features an acoustic play-up that chanels the term eclectic in its purest sense. Meeting Place stages the brewing rebellion in a stellar acoustic charm that grows and settes in your ears.

Approaching with a grungy rock aesthetic, The Slaying of the King is quite a dramatic rock ensemble that is perfectly suited to the subject. The dark and edgy arrangement vibrates more emotion to this sonic piece.

The collection closes on a positive note with Our Children’s Future, a vibrant and uplifting song that embodies hope and celebration.

In Crimson, Hudson has once again proven their talent and passion in making genre-breaking tracks that challenges the stereotype form of music albums. It’s that kind of album that delights the ears and enriches your mind.

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