Mastering the art of engaging entertainment, DRMS self-titled album is another powerful entry to the growing indie landscape.

Hailing from San Francisco Bay Area, DRMS is an independent band of Rob Shelton, Emily Ritz, Andrew Maguire, Mark Clifford, Geneva Harrison, Jesse Cafiero, and Jake Nochimow. Released last July 28, their second album features ten tracks that explores the boarders of experimental, rock, and afropop music.

White Eyes welcomes the listeners with a funky bossanova vibe. Ritz’s angelic and soulful voice matches perfectly with the smooth-sailing arrangement.

Incorporating vibraphones and funk machines, Take Me is the perfect anthem for cuddling up on a lazy sunday morning. Press play and let this saccharine piece melt your ears.

A personal favorite, Lucy lies heavily on the percussion department. The angelic voice of Ritz transitions from a Regina Spektor style to an Amy Winehouse kind of delivery.

Don’t Want This to Die boasts an explosion of new sonic flavor as steady percussion blends well with marimba, miniature guitar, and classy cello.

Sealing up the album with much soul is Song For Ian Jenkins. The band’s successful use of subtlety allows each instrument to embrace its own space and decay away in our ears.

DRMS sell-titled album is truly a pleasure to listen to. Every track has its own personality but is still aesthetically cohesive to the band’s genre.

The collection is produced by Rob Shelton and Jamie Riotto. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want/free download in bandcamp.

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