Have you ever spent too much time at your computer that you forget about your other commitments? Have you ever been so distracted by social networking or online gaming that you end up ignoring other things you need to do? Have you ever scheduled your appointments in a planner, but end up forgetting them once you log on to your computer? Then Rainlendar can help you out. Rainlendar is a customizable desktop calendar that allows you to set up tasks and events as well as alarms reminding you when to do them. It doesn’t take up much space on your desktop either.

Features of Rainlendar include:

  • Platform independent – Rainlendar can be run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Localized – Rainlendar supports localization so you can have the user interface in your own language.
  • Standards Compatible – Rainlendar uses standard iCalendar format for it events and tasks to maximize the compatibility with other calendar applications. You can easily transfer the events from the calendar you are currently using to Rainlendar.
  • Look’n’feel – The appearance of the calendar can be changed with skins. The skins can be of any shape and size and they can also use scripts for additional functionality.
  • Highly Customizable – It is possible to have multiple months visible at the same time.
  • Multiple Calendars – You can have any number of calendars show at the same time.
  • Import & Export – Events and tasks can be transferred to and from other calendar applications.
  • To do list – In addition to normal events Rainlendar includes a separate to do list where you can store your ongoing tasks.
  • Alarms – Get notified in advance before the event is due so that you don’t forget any important events.
  • Recurrence – The events and tasks can be made to repeat automatically so you don’t have to enter them multiple times.
  • Scripting – Lua scripting language makes it possible to extend the functionality of Rainlendar.
  • Backups – Integrated backup and restore functionality makes it easy to make sure your events safe if something bad happens.
  • Printing – Print your events and tasks as a separate list or as a month view.
  • Search – If you have a lot of events and tasks you can find the one you are looking for easily with the substring search in the Manager dialog.


The end result is a fully functional, very customizable, and non-obstrusive calendar application. The program is useful for everyone, from students who need to be reminded about deadlines for papers and schedules of exams, to freelancers who need to be reminded of little tasks they need to fulfill, to bosses and managers who need to be reminded about important meetings and appointments. Rainlendar will gladly remind you of your important tasks with a customizable alarm, so you can choose what sound will best get you off your computer to start working.

Be aware that while there is a paid Pro version, there is also a free and fully functional version of Rainlendar that has all the features mentioned above. You get all the nifty bells and whistles of Rainlendar without paying for anything! That makes Rainlendar a definite must for people who need a little organizing and reminding.

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