Appearing on the FrostClick blog yet again – Wordsmith is back with another great release.
This time around the artist teamed up with his fellow label mate, his cousin CuzOH! Black, and together set forth to bring an 8 track long The Backstage EP that comes wrapped up with a special bonus cut.

From Buzzworthy Bangers Vol.1 which was downloaded over 200k times, to Prelude To The King and King – his “life lesson” album released in 2012, Wordsmith does not disappoint when it comes to spinning some great beats all dressed up with real to life lyrics that will keep you hooked until the last track.
The Backstage EP is no different; a special project that was released as a thank you to his fans while paving a way to another full length album that will drop live on September 17th (so be on the lookout).

Wordsmith & Cuzoh 1
“Backstage in that greenroom I’m all alone with my thoughts, visualize that dotted line cant wait to sign my mark (…)”; 1 Hours Till I Sign takes us inside of a life of a musician that is not giving up until that big break comes knocking on the door. As a first song on the EP it showcases artist’s determination to make it no matter the odds. It is a great track picking up a pace and energy as it progresses. But along his passion for music, Wordsmith and CuzOH! Black touch on other topics such as economy, politics, and the blue collar life clearly showcased in “Blue Collar Poet” and “Some Random Thoughts”.

Clearly a musical experience you should not be missing out if you like hip-hop/rap, The Backstage EP offers more substance than most albums currently on the market, so make sure to hit that download – its free and ready to be shared.

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Want even more? Check out one of the latest videos from the artists below; turn up those speakers.

Track List:
1. 1 Hour Til I Sign
2. Blue Collar Poet
3. Emergency Funk Broadcast
4. Some Random Thoughts
5. Stronger Living
6. Never Break Me Down
7. The Waiting Game
8. Summer Love
9. (Bonus) Center Stage

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