Wordsmith: The Backstage EP

Appearing on the FrostClick blog yet again – Wordsmith is back with another great release. This time around the artist teamed up with his fellow label mate, his cousin CuzOH!, and together set forth to bring an 8 track long The Backstage EP that comes wrapped up with a special bonus cut.

Wordsmith: Prelude To The King

Practically a regular here in the Frostclick blog, Wordsmith returns with a brand new Mixtape, Prelude To the King. True to form, the album is a great display of smooth beats, catchy rhythm, as well as awesome mic skills from Word and crew. There's really no need to argue whether this mixtape is worth your time. Pretty much anything Wordsmith has released has always held the bar high enough to warrant a listen and eventually a download. Prelude To The King is no different of course, marching in with 15 tracks that bob and sway with beats worthy of welcoming any hip hop royalty.

The Nu Revolution Camp: Super Hero Theme Music Vol 1

What do you get when four of the best indie/underground artists form a crew and release a mix? Well, you get an indie hiphop supergroup. The Nu Revolution Camp, headed by FrostClick resident, Wordsmith, along with Kontact, Black Knight and White Folkz take underground hip hop to an entirely new level. Super Hero Theme Music Vol 1 is the first of several mixes from this talented crew. Just like superhero's, they breeze through rhymes like Superman sees through lead and drop beats like Batman knows Gotham City. It's definitely a fun album worth checking out. It's all about cool beats, amazingly tight words and definitely plenty of fun.

Wordsmith: The Vintage Vault Mixtape

He's back!!! Mr. "more than a million downloads", Wordsmith, is back and has let loose 15 tracks from his personal archive; compiling them into The Vintage Vault Mixtape. Giving his fans something to satiate themselves while waiting for his new album, Vintage Experience, to hit shelves on March 30th. As expected, Wordsmith delivers tracks filled with expressive lyrics which coalesces perfectly with equally diverse rhythm and beats. A true rapper/actor (he has a degree in theater to boast of) Wordsmith effortlessly strings together words and phrases creating meaningful lyrics rather than just spitting out meaningless rhymes.