Now Endeavor is a duo from Detroit who describe themselves as musicians who “don’t fit anywhere“. What I assume them to mean by that is that their music doesn’t limit itself to a single genre, and this can be seen on their latest EP where we are given a mix of hip-hop, rap, pop and dubstep.


Ex and Woes features music created for youngsters, by youngsters. The most essential underlying factor that makes the album the enjoyable listen that it is, is undoubtedly the duo’s bright immature enthusiasm and playfulness. The four tracks successfully sum up every stupid fancy and concern of a juvenile mind, with lyrics about relationship problems, squandering away cash and driving expensive cars, and of course, sex.

The EP’s dubstep influences give Now Endeavor‘s sugar-sweet melodies the energy they need to be ready for the clubs. This is most prominently featured on the opener Waste My Time where waves of heavy electronic thumps and riffs weave themselves among the vocals.

I Know That charms with its fluid rapping and motivation lyrics while Dirt Road Path strips away all of the EP’s previous electronic gloss, giving us an adorable little acoustic duet.

However, the record’s most lyrically amusing moments appear on the final track, Get You Alone. As the name so obviously suggests, the song is a plea for sex. But since its a teenager‘s plea for sex, it simply cannot help being hilarious. Cheesy euphemisms like “As soon as I give her that bass, she’s gonna wanna stroke my guitar” are sure to make you giggle (and then feel embarrassed about it).

Favorite Track: Waste My Time


Track List
1. Waste My Time
2. I Know That
3. Dirt Road Path
4. Get You Alone

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