Entertainment for the Braindead is a moniker taken on by Julia Kotowski, a one woman band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Roadkill is the 5th full compilation from the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist. Known for her gorgeous folk music, this latest album is no exception.

The record was born out of the artists desire to explore a new instrument, particularly the banjo. Playing with sweet reverie, her songs are filled with the beautiful strings of this country style instrument. Julia has been releasing music since 2007. Her first album Hypersomnia along with all her other releases are licensed under a Creative Commons and offered for free.

If you’ve listened to Entertainment for the Braindead before, then you have a pretty good idea on what to expect with this album. Staying true to her sound; the album greets you with gorgeous and dreamy woodland folk music. Julia creates a little haven for her listeners using her skillful banjo picking and her sweet, hypnotic vocals.

Opening with Sirens, this instrumental 2 minute track serves as a beautiful ode to her weapon of choice. The song itself has that gypsy folk vibe that reminds you of gypsies and nymphs laughing and dancing around a night campfire. It’s a hypnotic and relaxing song that serves as a nice opener to the eclectic compilation. Other songs like Dry Wood and Relapse, feature Julia’s gorgeous vocals accompanying the lovely instruments.

Out of the 10 tracks, my favorite is Vertigo. The song is a cute, laid back single that’s reminiscent of the gorgeous countryside and of relaxing evenings spent with a loved one. Julia’s sweet voice serves as a highlight for the track plus the lyrics are quite poetic.

Roadkill is an album you’ll love to put on if you want something to soothe your nerves or if you just want to get lost in a land of gypsies and nymphs for a little while. You can grab the download for free over at Aaahh Records.

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