For all the fans of indie pop rock, get ready to fall in love with Carroll. No, Carroll isn’t the girl you sat next to in class, but a cool Minneapolis quartet who knows how to tug at your indie pop heartstrings; making you want to hit the repeat button each time the record ends.

Needs is a five-track compilation filled with tracks that run around the 3-4 minute mark. Each one comes with soft pop melodies that easily catches on. This is the first EP from the group and it comes with two singles and a music video.

Opening the record, is Lead Balloon. Whether you’re into indie pop or not, this song is enough to give you a good idea of what the band is all about. It’s also more than enough to make you fall in love with their music.

Sticks, follows closely and brings the same enchanting, melodic number as the first cut. Halloween Head has a nice retro, Joy Division-feel to it. You’ll find the rhythm to be catchy and easy to groove on to. It’s actually a personal favorite from the record. Meanwhile, Billionaire is one of their quieter cuts. It’s a melancholic number with the band’s characteristic charm infused to it. Brian Hurlow’s vocals are expressive and provide an added dimension to the cut.

This little EP might be short but it’s packed with excellent tracks that will easily make an indie pop convert out of you. Carroll delivers a compilation worthy of being added to your favorites list. Each song is done just right. There are no pretensions just beautiful music through and through.

Track List

1. Lead Balloon
2. Sticks
3. Billionaire
4. Halloween Head
5. Out Here

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