Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a browser add-on that prevents third party ad companies from tracking you. With this you now have a tool that blocks third party cookies and online trackers that try to collect information about your browsing habits.

Privacy Badger should not be confused with ad blocking plug ins however, as its only task is to stop online tracking. The good part is the majority of ads have trackers built in so they will get blocked by this add on.

Privacy Badger runs automatically so once it’s installed you can browse as you usually would. But if you want to find out what Privacy Badger is doing, just click its icon on the address bar of your browser. As you start browsing, every third party domain that is sensed will be shown with a green slider.

The green color means Privacy Badger has sensed the presence of ad trackers but they are not doing any intrusive action. As you browse however, the green slider turns yellow or red, with yellow indicating the tracker is being allowed to work because without it you won’t be able to access or use the website properly. Red means the tracker is being blocked.

Privacy Badger runs fine on the default settings, but you can configure it if you want, and this could be the case if you want some trackers to work. To make adjustments, just move the slider to the desired point. If you are concerned about websites tracking and taking notes of your viewing habits, then this add on will come in handy.

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