On their social media, French electronic duo – Jekk describe their music quite straightforwardly by calling it “acoutronic”. The word may probably be the shortest and most accurate description of Jekk’s style and its meaning becomes crystal clear as soon as you hit play on their latest Roses.


The songs on Roses mainly revolve around lush and melodious piano and guitar chords, with EDM serving as a subtle uplifting addition. As eccentric the combination may sound, Jekk, as they decalred on their Facebook, value accessibility before avant-gardism, with the aim of their music touching as many people possible. Their tracks are those that you jog through a park with instead of hearing them on your hi-fidelity headphones, trying to ponder over their composition.

Most of Roses is spent on slow electropop ballads. Weakness, with its gorgeous piano motif, features the album’s best melodies; Hold You is dark and atmospheric while Sorrow Is Gone pulls you in with its bare, stripped-down charm.

Jekk’s minimalistic style is refreshing and can sometimes be overwhelmingly beautiful. A listen is recommended.

Favorite Track: Weakness


Track List
1. Survive
2. Hold You
3. Weakness
4. Sorrow Is Gone
5. Roses
6. Delightful Life

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