Spacefaring Male, an album produced and mixed by Tyler Walker, is the marriage in music by sophisticated jazz and funky geek sounds. There is undeniable harmony in this union although there are a few off (tolerable) moments every now and then.

The image in the album cover says it all: a man with a glass of olive cocktail and suited up for the outer space. It’s not a mix that you see daily, but it’s interesting enough for you to take a look and check.

For a jazz enthusiast, once you’re floating mid air in the sweet, you’d find slightly distracted by some scratching, screeching sounds that at first may not sound right. As the music goes on, however, you’d realize that Tyler actually makes classy music with a fun sense of party humor.

The second track, “Plutonian Massage Parlour,” will make for a good theme in a fun computer game for teen girls. “Go Spaceman” is the kind of theme you’d like to play in a fun and friendly beach party. “Memories of Home,” is a brilliant work and perfect for livening up parties at home. It is my favorite track in the album.

Excellent work on the sax and trumpet by Stefan Zeniuk and Jesse Selengut, respectively. Head-bobbing drum plays by Jesse Marzullo. Kate Harrell (vocals), Justin Dake (piano), Clif Jackson (bass), and Peter Walker (guitar) make up the rest of the impressive artists in this album.

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