Who says separation makes things easy? I know I don’t, but Johnny Awesome does – in his album, at least.

This 11-track purely acoustic album showcases Johnny’s talent in guitar-playing and singing, without much editing and just pure music – straight from the man’s bedroom.

Released under Creative Commons, Johnny urges people to listen to it, love it, hate it, pass it around…and everything else. But with lyrics, a voice and life such as his? You’re sure to tell more people about this awesome guy rather than forget him and hate him.


Johnny Awesome is also known as the 30-year-old Rick Barley, R-Bar or Ofwono. Separation Makes It Easy includes great cuts such as ‘Nowhere At All’ which will definitely make you sway left and right while singing “You’re falling out of love with me…” or other tracks like ‘Not That Easy’ and ‘Take It Easy’. The album will definitely appeal to fans of John Mayer and Jason Mraz, though Johnny manages to put his own style to his album.

Johnny Awesome is from Lancaster, but is now in eastern Uganda serving as a volunteer for the Peace Corps. He has a cool blog (a must see!) which showcases his adventures in Uganda. This guy is definitely awesome – with this voice and guitar-playing skills, and being a volunteer? I say he isn’t the usual recording artist who wants the glitz and glamour – but just one guy who wants to share his talents and his help to the world in the best way that he can.

Do not expect too much instruments in this album, as Johnny simply uses his guitar and his home studio for simple and basic recording, but with these kinds of lyrics,you’re sure to relate to at least one song that he has; and will have that song stuck in your head for the longest time and have you singing it over and over again.

His songs are great for chilling on a lazy afternoon while playing with your dogs, or sipping a beer outside the sunny garden. Be inspired and listen to Awesome – and you’ll also get his song stuck in your head like me.

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