Matthew Koutnik: Straight to the Sun EP

Newcastle-based musician/singer/songwriter Matthew Koutnik churns out an astonishing release titled Straight To the Sun. As remarkable as it is beautiful, Matthew Koutnik has crafted something truly out of the typical acoustic realm. Opener Nestled in the Wings wakes you with an abrupt recurring drums, whistles, and soundscapes that fade through the end.

Monster Rally: Return to Paradise

Monster Rally is not just a sound, it’s a movement. Return to Paradise aims to grow past the comforts of traditional hiphop, creating an organic musical whole from little bits and pieces of various genres.

Toot Sweet!

An extraordinary duo, Mary Spencer Knapp and Benjamin Marx, produces an overwhelming distinct sound by playing accordion, ukulele, upright bass, and clarinet at the same time. Number is not anything, as this two makes a powerful big sound to the music scene.