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bad lamps

Bad Lamps: Soultronic EP

Bad Lamps opens its box of tricks in Soultronic EP, a double-decker treat for all the music lovers. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the duo consisting of Patrick Martinez (Guitar/ Vocals) and George Russell (Drum Machine/Synth) started as workmates who played music after office hours. Their new album is loaded with four well-written tracks that plays along dance, pop and indie music.
love story (200 x 200)

Love Story in Blood Red: Hot Cha

Love Story in Blood Red is spearheaded by former Means frontman, Jason Frederick. Working together with producer and friend, Kris Poulin; the duo created this 4-track compilation of indie rock goodness. Although it took years for the actual songs to be fleshed out as circumstances and life got in the way; the final recordings were presented by Kris to Jason after 9 years since he left him with it. They finally managed to release the short compilation last March 2011 over at indie netlabel, The EP also hosts several musician friends who were enlisted to help complete the EP by Kris during all those years.
kristen diable (200 x 200)

Kristin Diable & The City: Kristin Diable & The City

From the strong vocals that welcome you in God's Chambers, you'll instantly realize that Kristin Diable has definitely got something up their sleeves. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the strong voiced singer left her hometown to try out her luck in the big city. She moved to New York City for a good long while before deciding to make New Orleans her new home in 2009. Kristin Diable & The City is her latest album. It features 12 tracks recorded live in her apartment to help capture the beauty of the moment and add great sincerity to the sound.
caitlin linney (200 x 200)

Caitlin Linney

Still in her early 20s, singer/songwriter, Caitlin Linney, can be considered somewhat a veteran in the music business. She first started creating music at the age of 14. By 2007, she released her debut album, Fall Too Fast. Apart from those achievements, she's also an academically trained musician; having studied Performance and Songwriting at Emerson College. At the same time, she also took classes at Berklee College of Music. This self-titled EP is among her latest release and showcases the artists' raw and emphatic sound. Echoing a lovely country pop and mellow feel that reminds you of that quiet morning glow.
corinna rose (200 x 200)

Corinna Rose: Corinna Rose

Folk songs always make me smile. There's something about that slight honky tonk banjo sound that makes me think of life as a piece of cake. This self-titled debut from Corinna Rose is no exception. It comes with that feel-good sound that you can play over and over again without getting tired. This is the first compilation for the singer, although she's released several singles before this one. This time around, she's armed with an acoustic guitar, a banjo along with her beautiful voice; ready to showcase a short EP that is both enjoyable and worthy of a listen.

Dolphins: Galaxy Train

Prepare for an eargasmic experience with Dolphins' Galaxy Train. Released under Hipbones Records last March 14, 2011, the four-track album is filled with a bit of everything, from country, surf pop to punk. Zach, Joel and Jesse, better known as the Dolphins have so much raw energy and talent. With influences such as Rocky Erickson, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Clash, and The Beach Boys, you could only expect exceptional music from these guys.

Chloë Sunshine: Indian Summer

Listed as one of Boston�s band to watch for 2012, Chlo� Sunshine traffics between surf pop and whimsical avenue. The up-comers fronted by Kendall Chlo� Eagan offers Indian Summer, a collection of seven vibrant tracks that captures slices of love in a non-conventional way. Sugar-filled piano keys spread in Love, Love, Love. This song plays on the realm of child-like wonder while exploring the subject of a new found love. Chlo��s voice is really captivating; it blends well with the piano and the catchy lines. A playlist must-have, this is the perfect soundtrack for a weekend road trip.
anywhere (200 x 200)

Flights: Anywhere But Where I Am

If you're expecting some alternative punk duo to greet you when you listen to this record, then think again. What you'll find instead is a gorgeous blend of ethereal, folky indie pop sound that, well, sounds great as in-flight music. The band is actually made up of duo Eric Hillman and Brian Holl. Gathering influences from bands like Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bjork and Aqualung; the duo echoes off the same laid-back, melodic and sometimes eclectic indie folk as their influences. Anywhere But Where I Am comes with 13 tracks and was released over at BandCamp on New Years Day 2012.