(George Strait, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash)

Mike Roy: Mike & Eileen Chapter One

After years in the music scene, Mike Roy has finished his best work yet and it's ready to burn and wake-up the senses. Hailing from Raleigh, NC, this Lewisdale, Maryland-raised artist started his music by forming a band called The Whistlestop. After making a record and playing numerous shows, He went back on working solo in 2009 producing a home-recorded album entitled ShotFriction. Spanning a hefty 13-track collection, Mike & Eileen Chapter One is Roy's latest musical effort. It's a folk pop album fuelled by undeniable passion and musical talent.

Wake Owl: Wild Country EP

You wouldnt imagine that one album can make you feel so much. But Wake Owls Wild Country EP harnesses our deep emotions, growing them into a garden teeming with bittersweet symphonies. The Vancouver-based folk/rock collective is the creative brainchild of performer/songwriter Colyn Cameron. Written for over seven months and released last November 2011, this five-track EP has already made its own buzz in the indie scene.

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes: Like Shrapnel

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes might seem like an odd name choice for a band but there's definitely nothing odd about their sound. Creating a beautiful mix of indie folk and rock, Balthazar B and his ever-revolving cast is bent on sharing their gorgeous melodic sound to anybody who wants to listen. The group was founded and fronted by Paris based musician, Baltazar B. To complete his sound, he enlists the help of friends from various walks of life, some of them doctors others "geeks and religious scholars." This helps create a fresh menagerie of sound that's a certain delight to listen to. Like Shrapnel is a short EP that was recorded in pockets of time between Paris and London.

Kevin Burdick: In Your Cocoon

American singer/songwriter and pianist, Kevin Burdick creates contemporary piano rock ballads that's both soothing and relaxing. Currently based in Utah, the singer has had 5 releases under his name. Among his albums is this 4-track compilation, In Your Cocoon. It's a few years old but it's a great record to have if you want to dip your toes into the artists' sound. Sounding off a bit of Billy Joel and Elton John, Kevin Burdick is steadily making his name known worldwide. He's performed in various key cities as well as arena sized crowds; delighting the audience with his soulful ballads while adding a sweet touch of rock.

Bad Lamps: Soultronic EP

Bad Lamps opens its box of tricks in Soultronic EP, a double-decker treat for all the music lovers. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the duo consisting of Patrick Martinez (Guitar/ Vocals) and George Russell (Drum Machine/Synth) started as workmates who played music after office hours. Their new album is loaded with four well-written tracks that plays along dance, pop and indie music.

Love Story in Blood Red: Hot Cha

Love Story in Blood Red is spearheaded by former Means frontman, Jason Frederick. Working together with producer and friend, Kris Poulin; the duo created this 4-track compilation of indie rock goodness. Although it took years for the actual songs to be fleshed out as circumstances and life got in the way; the final recordings were presented by Kris to Jason after 9 years since he left him with it. They finally managed to release the short compilation last March 2011 over at indie netlabel, The EP also hosts several musician friends who were enlisted to help complete the EP by Kris during all those years.

Kristin Diable & The City: Kristin Diable & The City

From the strong vocals that welcome you in God's Chambers, you'll instantly realize that Kristin Diable has definitely got something up their sleeves. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the strong voiced singer left her hometown to try out her luck in the big city. She moved to New York City for a good long while before deciding to make New Orleans her new home in 2009. Kristin Diable & The City is her latest album. It features 12 tracks recorded live in her apartment to help capture the beauty of the moment and add great sincerity to the sound.

Caitlin Linney

Still in her early 20s, singer/songwriter, Caitlin Linney, can be considered somewhat a veteran in the music business. She first started creating music at the age of 14. By 2007, she released her debut album, Fall Too Fast. Apart from those achievements, she's also an academically trained musician; having studied Performance and Songwriting at Emerson College. At the same time, she also took classes at Berklee College of Music. This self-titled EP is among her latest release and showcases the artists' raw and emphatic sound. Echoing a lovely country pop and mellow feel that reminds you of that quiet morning glow.