Love Story in Blood Red is spearheaded by former Means frontman, Jason Frederick. Working together with producer and friend, Kris Poulin; the duo created this 4-track compilation of  indie rock goodness.

Although it took years for the actual songs to be fleshed out as circumstances and life got in the way; the final recordings were presented by Kris to Jason after 9 years since he left him with it. They finally managed to release the short compilation last March 2011 over at indie netlabel,

The EP also hosts several musician friends who were enlisted to help complete the EP by Kris during all those years.

Even though the songs took almost a decade before they were completed, they still have that fresh quality and capacity to appeal to any modern music lovers taste.

Opening with the mildly chanty, What’s So Special; the song is a midtempo track that features Jason’s callous vocals and a slight campfire vibe. On the other hand, Tell Heaven Hell’s Coming With You, has this laid back acoustic punk touch. The more you listen to the songs, the more Jason’s detached and slightly raspy vocals grows on you. Apart from the instruments, his voice clearly helps define each of the cuts.

Meanwhile, the remaining tracks, Write a Happy Ending and Beautiful Mothers perfectly cap the record. Both tracks are catchy with the latter dabbling more on Kris’ capacity to create a gorgeous sonic landscape. Instrument work and the atmosphere are also given more emphasis on this last track.

The entire EP is quite charming. It’s the type that you’ll love once you listen to it several times. The layers of sound and instruments are pretty good and each track just exudes with personality. Grab the download and take a listen. Definitely worth your time.

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