His first foray into recording and releasing an EP, Jeremy Clay Price’s Acquired Taste EP is a collection of mellow tracks written over a span of 8 years.

The album is a gorgeous collection of melodic cuts that represent a personal journey for the singer. Singing about his faith and reflections on life, most of the cuts are quite expressive.

It was recorded with a long time producer friend Toby Baxley and comes with 5 simple but heartwarming songs worth noting.

If you’ve always been a fan of soft and inspiring acoustic pop tracks, then you’ll find a keeper in Acquired Taste EP. This short compilation might have simple tracks, arrangements and instruments but it exudes a beautiful atmosphere that’s rarely seen in most compilations today.

Starting the short record is, We’re Still Here, a raw single that sets the mood for the less than 20 minute album. Featuring acoustic guitars and Price’s soothingly familiar voice, it’s a gorgeous piece that sounds uplifting. Title track, Acquired Taste, showcases some beautiful guitar strumming while Find You There, sees the artist more willingly bare his soul.┬áThe compilation is capped off with the heartfelt track Love You. Need You.Want You. The song defines Price’s sound and is perhaps the most emotional in the album.

Acquired Taste EP is suitable for anyone looking for good acoustic inspirational pop to grace their ears. Grab the free download, share it and enjoy.

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