Bad Lamps opens its box of tricks in Soultronic EP, a double-decker treat for all the music lovers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the duo consisting of Patrick Martinez (Guitar/Vocals) and George Russell (Drum Machine/Synth) started as workmates who played music after office hours. Their new album is loaded with four well-written tracks that play on the borderline of dance, pop and indie music.

One characteristic that makes Bad Lamps unique is their heavy writing skills. Rarely can you find a band that gives equal attention to the lines and the sound.

Never Know the Difference stands in the cross roads of pop and dance. It opens up with a club vibe with moving drum beats and electro tune. The almost-spoken lyrics give the piece an indie flair.

A personal favorite, Vessel follows up with a folk rustic charm. Martinez’s lively delivery paired up with clever arrangements is ideal for a vibrant soundtrack.

Fancy Dresses is punctuated with hard-hitting drum machines and sharp guitars. It’s edgy and evokes a rock vibe making it a very powerful ending statement for the album.

Overall, Soultronic EP have successfully established a care-free yet strong identity for Bad Lamps. They have flawlessly combined rich verses, immense talent and eclectic tunes creating tracks that fully spread their wings throughout the album.

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