After years in the music scene, Mike Roy has finished his best work yet and it’s ready to burn and wake-up the senses.

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, this Lewisdale, Maryland-raised artist started his music career by self-releasing his first album “Roy” all the way back in May of 2001, followed by “Songs from the Valley” five years later. He than briefly joined in with The Whistlestop and returned to working solo to bring us, among others, Mike & Eileen Chapter One. Spanning a hefty 13-track collection, the album is a wonderful collection of folk pop sounds fuelled by undeniable passion and musical talent. So watch out, you just might get addicted.

I Never Knew opens up with a plethora of warm guitar strings and glowing harmonies. This soothing love song is a perfect backdrop for chilling out.

Images burst into a jungle of colours in Wisteria as poetic lines play throughout the track. This drum and electric guitar ensemble is also reminiscent of soft rock.

Lines like “I swore I’d never make the same mistake” welcomes the listener to Midnight Moon, a stripped-down acoustic track that beautifully highlights Mike Roy’s earthly vocals. Further accompanied by gorgeous violin played by Daniel Hart (Polyphonic Spree, St. Vincent, The Rosebuds), the track is a perfect companion for the days when your thoughts are simply running wild.

Tracks like Down & Out, Please Stay, and Stained Glass Heart features a pure folk aesthetic. Catchy harmonies and a quirky delivery play along self-penned verses about love.

Eileen may just be the sweetest love song. Saccharine harmonies, warm acoustic strings and lines like “I want to grow old with you til my bones are glue and my hair is gone“ create a sugar-filled track that will surely melt anyone’s heart.

Energy-filled Chapter 2 seals up the album with a celebration of upbeat rhythms, danceable tunes, and Roy’s personal life story. The song ends up with a clue that Chapter two of this album is already brewing.

Overall, Mike Roy has created something magical in this album. Besides it’s stellar folk aesthetic, Mike & Eileen Chapter One takes an artist’s personal experience into a level where it can touch everyone’s hearts.

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