I came across Los Sundayers searching Jamendo for Latin music and I found myself listening to the whole album with great pleasure. One of the albums reviewers, nanito, wrote they’ve done “a great work indeed blending reggae, dub and ska with elegant cuts and tempo switching, all wrapped around a quite colorful interpretation” and I couldn’t agree more. Every track is a bit different with its own distinct feel, but they are all dynamic, full of energy and fun – it must be a great experience to see this group perform live.

Los Sundayers is a Spanish band composed of NINE members: Pablo, Cesar, Bartolo, Carlos, Lita, Daniel, Areta, Mery, Belen, Ana, each bringing their unique music tastes to the table. Most of the group members have been a part of other bands in the past, generally rock bands, but since they’ve all came together in 2007 they’ve been toying with other genres – mainly Reggae, jazz, funk, and latin, but you can still hear some rock here and there.

Check out the groups busy concert schedule if you will be in Spain any time soon. From their YouTube videos it looks like seeing them perform is loads of fun.

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