Lovd Ones: Mountains & Valleys EP

Take the ultimate chill pill by listening to a wonderful hybrid of reggae and hip hop tunes. Orlando-based group, Lovd Ones, serenades the listeners with a seven-track EP titled Mountains & Valleys. Mountain Tops opens the collection with lush ensembles of beats and reggae stylings. Lines delivered in a reggae+rap fashion gives a fresh twist to the ears. An interesting dynamic between funky riddims, solid reggae, and warm, friendly rapping comes into play.

Bass Culture Players: Foundation EP

Focused on “Roots Reggae experimentation”, Bass Culture Players, a musical Project based in Madrid, will take you on one great sounding journey through drums, beats, and plenty of relaxing sways. It’s like a laboratory of sounds that “mixes singers and musicians from Spanish scene in search for a very personal formula”.

Leading Armies: Let’s Get Serious

‘Tis the season of giving, so we’re sharing one of our guilty pleasures for the moment: Leading Armies! The guys from Limerick, Island are celebrating their second year as musicians — they formed on Christmas Day 2011 — by releasing their second EP, Let’s Get Serious.

Robinson, Freitag And The Lonely Trumpet present Shaking Hands – relax, island style

At just about every moment during this 10-track album, you'll be waiting for the musicians to break into laughter, and they actually do at some points. But Shaking Hands is not just a joke, it's an infectious combination of calypso beats and lo-fi magic. Either you'll get it or you won't, but if you do, it'll leave you wanting to go out and buy every island-themed album ever made.