Midnight Pilot started playing music when they were in middle school in Holland, Michigan. The experience of playing their own music in a gym for the first time, the band says, inspired and challenged them to keep on growing though the years.


On Good Life, the band gives us a powerful display of guitar-driven pop rock. Dense guitar chords and heavy drumming are essential factors, but the EP relies more on its catchy sing-along hooks. The “woo-hoo-hoo” from the opener Offer Up My Love is downright infectious, and so is the “yeah, Yeah, Yeah” from the title track.

The band’s sound is rooted in blues rock and americana. Artists like Tom Petty and Ryan Adams are often brought to mind and the third track, Follow My Lead, sounds much like a tribute to Wilco.

The Good Life is the first in a series of EP’s that the Midnight Pilot will be releasing in 2016. Fans of rock must keep an eye out.

Favorite Track: Offer Up My Love


Track List
1. Offer Up My Love
2. The Good Life
3. Follow My Lead
4. You’re My Friend

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