There are times that you just want to listen to some kind of noisy music, but not exactly loud; something that would lift up your mood, but not exactly to dance; something that lets you pump up some blood through your veins but not exactly to make you filled with adrenaline… Filled with 12 tracks that will sure to keep your head bobbing, Interstate Medicine will let you relate to its song’s lyrics by the band leader’s Michael Baker. Let his voice be stuck in your head!

I couldn’t exactly put Slim’s sound into words, but here’s what Michael wrote:
I crank my amps louder than Tom Petty, but not as loud as Cannibal Corpse.
I’m wordier than Jane’s Addiction, but not as yappy as e.e. cummings.
I’m taller than Prince, but not as tall as Krist Novoseli.


Slim is when Michael plays alone in some acoustic shows, and Slim is also when the full band gets together and play. Interstate Medicine is a nice mix of rock, alternative and even some traces of country singing with fine guitar-playing and a bit of violin-playing.

Cuts like Caroline (about that stubborn girl Caroline), Sister Rosa (a nice mix of guitars and violin), Walking Shoes (fine guitar-playing; perfect for chilling out) just prove that this album offers a wide variety of genres. It isn’t only tied to rock, or alternative, but also offers a great mix of great guitars with raspy vocals and witty lyrics.

Slim is something that would make you appreciate people who are passionate about their music and playing their instruments. It’s something that would be a mainstay in your media player with some of its lyrics seemingly stuck in your head.

Yeah, I know. The name Caroline might just be stuck in your head.

So I guess that’s how we’ll describe how Slim sounds like. The listening part is now up to you.┬áSit back, and enjoy this not-so-loud music; perfect for a can of beer on Saturday barbecue nights. This free album download is licensed under Creative Commons.

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