It is rare for anyone to say that they have tried a completely different online rpg game that blows their mind away. Nowadays, it’s difficult for game companies to deviate from the hack n’ slash formula that has made them successful before but there is one game that was able to do it

Atlantica Online is probably the only free to play game to introduce a strategic gameplay in a way that takes players by surprise and amazement.

Strategic Gameplay
Each player can control 9 members in a party at a time. One of those will be your main character and the rest will be your mercenaries. You can acquire mercenaries through NPCs. Your journey will be accompanied by these mercenaries and you can dress them up with equipment too if you wish. The combat style is fully turn-based. It will remind you of the system that Final Fantasy series has introduced. However this one is completely different because you’re doing everything online. There is a time limit for you to choose your course of action. Your enemies will have their own time limit to decide what to do with you. Unlike most games where monsters are practically sitting ducks, your enemies in Atlantica Online choose between physical attack and skill to take you down so you have to choose your actions wisely.

So how about teaming up with friends, you ask? You may team up with parties of your friends up to the point that you can have up to more than 20 fighters in your side. The fight requires a lot of strategic thinking with that many players in the field. The adversaries in the game will not give you an easy time either. Early level opponents will already be as ruthless as they can be. Pro gamers will find this to be especially awesome because the challenge is presented early on. This keeps both new gamers and pro gamers playing.


Beautiful Setting and Characters
While the graphics are not award-winning material, it is considered to be well put together for a free to play game. If you want astounding graphics and granted that your system can handle it, you can look for subscription games. But for a free game, Atlantica Online holds a very solid ground. The only worry is that you have to have the recommended specs or higher. If not, you will find yourself lagging throughout the game which can easily destroy the experience. So check closely if you fit the requirements, so you can enjoy the full beauty of the graphics and the environment.

System Requirements:

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