Really Slick Screensavers is a group of alternative screensavers for Windows users. These 3D OpenGL screensavers are free to download, and look really cool compared to your stock screensavers.

Choose one from the collection of 11 free screensavers, you surely won’t look at your computer the same way again. Put on these screensavers, stare at your monitor for some time, close the lights and throw a party – they are definitely hypnotizing and can take you to another world.

Here’s a quick list and some descriptions for each of the 11 screensavers in the Really Slick Screensavers collection.

  • Hyperspace – can really put your graphic card’s test to the limit! It feels some kind of a colored blackhole pulling you towards some kind of energy. You can always lessen the settings if your computer responds too slow.
  • Helios – particles exploding with some smooth ribbons. Really nice.
  • Euphoria – if you love psychedelic stuff, then this is for you. Stare at it for some minutes and you’d surely need a barf bag.
  • Sky Rocket – for fireworks lovers. You can also control various rockets, and then pause fireworks movements. Control the view with your own mouse, and say “Happy New Year” in a different setting.
  • Solar Winds – quite mesmerizing, indeed. Change your own settings to fit any pattern you’d definitely love. Connect them with lines, and gaze into your own colorful windstorm.
  • Lattice – love rings? Then lattice is for you. With lots and lots of linked rings, you can even change their textures however you want them to be.
  • Flux – the website says that if you know anything about strange attractors, you might be able to know the patterns in this saver.
  • Plasma – another saver which can hypnotize or make you want to grab another barf bag. Lovely colors, still.
  • Field Lines – For those who want a taste of electric field lines in physics
  • Flocks – a 3D variation of flocks.
  • Cyclone – if you are a cyclone chaser, you might want to chase your own cyclone here in your computer.

Give it a try. Turn off your lights, invite your friends, put on some music, lay out some drinks, and show these screensavers on your wall through a projector. What would you get? One heck of a house party.

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