Machinarium is a amazingly simple, yet extremely entertaining point-and-click game created by a Czech independent studio Amanita Design. It’s genius comes from sleek & interesting graphics design, smart and engaging puzzle-solving levels and a really relaxing and one of a kind soundtrack.

Both the game and the soundtrack are for sale on Machinarium’s website, but the studio released a 5-track bonus EP as a free download to the game’s fans.

Here you can see some of the game play and listen to the soundtrack.

The entire soundtrack, as well as the bonus tracks, are the work of Tomas Dvorak and a small number of musicians contributing to the project:
Veronika Vlkova – rap
Vojtech Zelinsky – guitar
Petr Tichy – double bass
Matousov Godik – didgerridoo

I am generally not a big fan of industrial electronic music, but the entire soundtrack of this game was a pleasure to listen to – even when not playing the game. It has this weird calming, yet engaging quality to it with sounds that unmistakeably imitate machine life…

As for the game – if you are into puzzle solving, Machinarium will be an amazing treat for you. For the first time I though a flash game was entirely worth the money as it provided for hours worth of brain stimulating entertainment, oftentimes gathering the entire family around it.

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