Traverse the pop jungle wilderness with NEWMEN‘s latest EP Sunhouse. In this five-track collection, the quintet from Germany treats our ears with a sonic experience oscillating between asphalt, sound, and disco.

NEWMEN is Joël Ameloot, Tim Kroner, Joerg Schmidt, Martin Heimann, and Simon Pauland, The five-piece band’s distinctive sound plays within the territories of post garage, pop jungle, and neo wave. Though edgy at first hear, the album pushes their sound deeper for more richness and density.

Opening track Monica sparks things up with fluttering keys slowly transitioning to a harmonious partnership of bass and steady drums. The edgy, indie flair that’s somehow reminiscent of the band Miike Snow is sharp and sensual.

Venus Is A Boy follows with rhythmic thumping and sporadic whisperings. The atmospheric ambience provided by the echoing vocals jibes well with the chill beats.


Guitar riffs and hints of surf rock fill Peace of Dawn. Press play and let this track accompany you while driving on a lazy Sunday. While title track Sunhouse encapsulates the band’s unique formula and sharp vision.

If you can deconstruct an album into its own individual elements, Sunhouse aces almost all of its pieces creating a sonic whole that gives in to the modern sound without sacrificing artistry.

Track List:
1. Monica
2. Venus Is A Boy
3. Peace Of Dawn
4. Sunhouse
5. Sunhouse // MH’s FX Treatment

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