Combining hip hop with his signature dub and synth style, Sacramento native, Rufio definitely delivers a different kind of vibe with his compilation.

Better known as Ru (AREYOU) For Lights is the first compilation from the artist. It was initially conceived as a record that hopes to capture and explore the different facets of beauty in life.

However, the album transformed over time and the artist decided to create it as a sort of story; “Almost like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been produced yet,” he relates.

This is the first beat tape done by Rufio for Dub Temple Records and so far it’s looking to be a promising one. Exploring a more experimental type of hip hop, you’ll find that the songs bear a traditional sound at the core. However, mixed in with samples and synths, they transform into an interesting and unique set of cuts. The music becomes a world where there are no boundaries and no definite genres outlining each track.

You can traverse this unique soundscape as you explore tracks like Master Plan (Ru Remix), IT IS Tym and Foreverr. On the other hand, prominent R&B notes can be heard on singles like Sindithuu, Young&Up, and Dohnt Wayt.

Despite being a relative unknown, the producer has great skills to show for. You can do yourself a favor and check this out. You might find a couple of songs on here (if not the entire record) that’ll be worthy of your playlist.

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