Cologne Commons Compilation 04 is a mix of some of the best pop, techno, electronic and dub tracks you’ll find among Cologne’s netlabel industry. It has become somewhat tradition during The Cologne Commons Festival to release accompanying records that help exhibit some of the best free and legal music in their part of town.

The festival serves as an avenue to educate and promote free, legal music under creative commons license.

This cool compilation showcases a diverse set of tracks from dub, techno to pop with a tinge of hip hop. Opening with the cool, hiphop dub, Escape from Sagesse&Crookram (Bankrupt Recordings.) The cut contains great beats with a bit of old school hip hop vibe. Meanwhile, ¬†another must listen track from the record is Convaire’s Outtake, released under the German netlabel, Modularfield. It features a nice hipster dancy vibe that’s catchy and easy to like.

Meanwhile, Tha Silent Partner’s P Pulsar, seems to be a track that belongs in a Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. The retro, early 80s soundtrack vibe is definitely spot on.¬†The rest of the of the tracks lean more towards dub and electronic.

Definitely another album worth checking out from the Cologne Commons Festival. Feel free to check out previous festival compilations, like Cologne Commons 01, Cologne Commons 02 and Cologne Commons 03.

Here’s the full tracklist for this compilation:

01. Sagesse&Crookram – Escape (Bankrupt Recordings)
02. Convaire – Outtake (Modularfield)
03. Tha Silent Partner – P Pulsar (Blocsonic)
04. Mentz – Los (Humanworkshop)
05. Jimmy Penguin – No Shame (Akashic)
06. Ez a Divat – Deep in the Neitherlands Sinko Remix (Budabeats)
07. Sardinia Bass Legalize – What can I do for Africa (A Quiet Bump)
08. Superloader – Let it off (Supafeed)
09. Afion – Not Penelope (Zimmer Records)
10. Bitbasic – Treeboy (Rec72)
11. Axmusique – Sts (Brennnessel)
12. 6884 – Periodic Table (Foem)
13. Stockfinster. – Knuckle (Sutemos)
14. 2% – Leeward (Archaic Horizon)

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