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Loop Raccord

Loop Raccord (or Raccord Loop) is a cool and unique game that's a current nominee for the upcoming 2011 IGF Nuovo Award. Developed according to the Experimental Gameplay Project's Neverending theme, the game showcases experimental gameplay that is interesting and captivating. The gameplay is a bit tricky to explain. Basically, you have to find the exact moment in an animated video or film and sync it with the next roll of video. Your goal is to create an infinite loop of movement by connecting every single video clip. Even though it's a bit tricky to do, there's no denying that it's a lot of fun. Created by Nicolai Troshinsky, it's one of the most original games out there. Just a word of warning though, it is a bit addictive but keep in mind that there's really no real end to the game.

Radial Plus

Radial Plus is a unique little action game that was initially created for the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge. Although it may look like a typical arena shooter there is one cool twist with Radial Plus' gameplay. Instead of directly hitting the enemy to take them out, you would need to find a suitable angle and fire away before you can actually cause damage to the enemy ship. It's amazing how one little shift in game rules can affect the entire game. This minor change in gameplay results in a creative and challenging game that requires you to think ahead of where your next shot will go. Apart from this, the game is quite enthralling both in sound as well as in graphics. It's this little detail that makes this game worthy of your time.

Magic Planet Snack

Here's another wizard you can learn to love. Magic Planet Snack is a colorful game that finds you playing a wizard that has accidentally turned himself into a worm. Now, you go on a quest to satisfy your hunger and devour the rest of the wizards that don't like you very much. In your journey, you end up devouring plenty of sweets and other tasty treats. You even chew your way and devour entire worlds just to quench your appetite. In the process, you gain points. Magic Planet Snack features fun and pastel bright colors. It also has a fun gameplay that anybody can enjoy off the bat. The actual storyline is a bit morbid (read it here) but thank god, the developers don't really dwell on it that much. Anyway, this'll certainly give you a good time for an hour or two.


There are plenty of interesting games out there but once in awhile you encounter games that simply bend your mind. Uin is one of these games and in some ways, I guess, it's expected since it's from the same masterminds as those who created La La Land. Uin lets you travel into a surreal land in search of your brother, well, not particularly because you want to but simply because there's nothing to do. The game is Aldridge's best work to date and engages and questions your mind and your sanity in some cases.

Krimelo’s Siamese Enemies

Need a game that you can play with your best bud? Siamese Enemies should be right up your alley. It's a twisted but pretty cool game from leading Swiss indie developer, Krimelo. In the game, you play one half of a Siamese twin. Your mom just wants one baby so you have to fight over who gets the most organs before you actually reach the hospital to get separated. Sounds a bit sick? Well, yeah, it sort of is, but it's sure great fun to play. Give it a try and you'll know what I mean.

Robotz DX

Combine old school graphics and some basic shooter gameplay and you get a retro looking shooter game in the form of Robotz DX. True to most retro shooter games, this one is incredibly difficult to master. All 30 levels will give you a good run for your money as you go through each stage. Initially based on an Atari game, Robotz; this game is new and improved yet retains the old school touch quite awesomely. Remade by Josh Monkman, the game beautifully captures the feel and gameplay of the original. Retaining some of the essential elements while adding a more updated look to capture the hearts of modern gamers. It's no joke that the game is difficult to beat so gather up patience and a lot of free time before diving in.

Gandhi Gandhi Boom Boom

Gandhi Gandhi Boom Boom is a bit unusual in that they force you to merge the opposites. In this game, you have to work hard to make sure that Gandhi and hamburgers do not connect as much as possible. The interesting gameplay and the non-linear game concept is what's held as a standout for this game. It won praises at the 2009 Global Game Jam and was developed by Clement Linel, Eric Scott, Rosanna Lopez, and Traci Lawson.


Solace might seem like another shooter game out there, and in many ways it is a basic shooter game. You just have to kill and take down the enemy so you can move on to the next level. However, instead of providing you with regular levels, it allows you to traverse in the 5 stages of grief. The game was developed by students in Digipen and has become considered as one of the top entries in PAX10. Filled with colorful graphics, it is a beautifully rendered game with a nice gameplay.


Can't get enough of 2d shoot-em-up games? Hydorah can help you satisfy those cravings, no doubt about it. The look and feel of Hydorah will definitely make you think that you just discovered an old 80s arcade style game but the fact is the game was created by Locomalito several years back and was just released this year. With authentic looking graphics and extra hard gameplay, Hydorah definitely is one bad-ass 2d shoot-em-up game.