Hauntingly beautiful 4 track EP that’s offered absolutely free. If you are a big fan of  alternative indie Brit rock and equally love anything about the dark side, then this is a great EP to have. These 4 tracks from The Night Terrors will definitely send chills down your spine with its upbeat rockish tempo and hipster vibe.

These Northern Londoners definitely know how to give out a good scare as well as great music to anyone that’s up for a bit of good time.

The band has been garnering plenty of praises from different avenues. According to their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “a haunted fairground indie rock band, desperately grappling with reality with their future firmly cemented in lies, fear, anguish, suffering, night time and the unknown.”

That description actually rings true since the band creates music that reverberates with creepy yet good vibes throughout. Video Nasty is an awesome, danceable track that will definitely get you dancing in no time. Purgatory Soul lets you relax and catch your breath with its laid-back bass lines and haunting vocals. Stone and Fear the Rest cap off this collection.

This short EP is more than capable of showcasing what the band has to offer. It contains all of the things you can expect from a great horror alternative, indie band.

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