open source album

Clones Of The Queen: The Gate EP

Clones of the Queen is a Hawaii based band that creates some sultry, techno, trip hop, rock sound. The trio is made up of frontwoman, Ara Laylo, guitarist Paul Bajcar and electronics by Matt McVickar. The Gate is their first EP and comes with 7 endearingly haunting tracks that's definitely worth your while. The album is filled with the band's signature brooding feel with a touch of spacey sounding indie rock. Laylo's voice is cold yet soothing when mixed with the synth soundscapes that often surround it. Ever since their beginning years, jamming together in a bank vault situation atop a coffee shop; the band has come quite a long way. Although they're still at the beginning stages, you can tell that this band has a bright future ahead. Take a listen.

The Night Terrors: Nasty

Hauntingly beautiful 4 track EP that's offered absolutely free. If you are a big fan of alternative indie Brit rock and equally love anything about the dark side, then this is a great EP to have. These 4 tracks from The Night Terrors will definitely send chills down your spine with its upbeat rockish tempo and hipster vibe. These Northern Londoners definitely know how to give out a good scare as well as great music to anyone that's up for a bit of good time.

Maria Rodes: Sin Tecnica (Without Art)

Spanish singer and songwriter, Maria Rodes, has released her latest album, Sin Tecnica. Now, I know that you might not want to listen to an album where English isn't the main language, but trust me, this is a worthy album. Maria Rodes creates folkpop indie acoustic tracks with a slightly alternative edge. Her voice is beautiful and her compositions and melodies are very pretty. Her tracks masquerade in simplicity yet are very rich and diverse.

The Wind Whistles: Animals Are People Too

The Wind Whistles is an amazing indie folk pop duo from Canada comes out with their sweet and dreamy second release, Animals are People Too, under indie netlabel, aaahh records. Known for catering to artists that create great acoustic folk pop, sure enough this duo falls under the same category. With their melodic acoustic guitar, poppy chants and harmonic vocals, this album is filled with luscious, soothing sounds that will take you away into some beautiful poppy field and leave you basking under the warm glow of the sun. Definitely an album you can't miss out if you love aaahh records' roster.

Deied: Formation of chaos

Deied is a German electronic duo composed of n1n0 and din-tah aeon. (Don't ask me how to pronounce those.) The duo is set on creating some of the darkest and coolest industrial, electronic sound there is. According to their website, this is the duo's 11th collaboration, although there are only 7 albums available in Jamendo as well as their official website that's up for free download. Formation of Chaos is filled with 10 dark electronic tracks that are often infused with melodic vocal work and layers of instruments. Basically, it's an album that combines a whole lot of synth, dark, symphonic musical elements that makes you feel as if you're moving through the deep dark woods under a full moon sky.

Benoit Stanek: 18

Soothing folk pop album that takes you on a journey to the French aisles. With beautiful acoustic guitar and soft melodic strumming, this album makes you feel as if you're sitting somewhere in a gorgeous French garden, enjoying a warm, sunny day. Benoit Stanek is an 18 year old student at the Lycee Louis-le-Grand in Paris, considered to be one of the most demanding secondary schools in France.

MixGalaxy Records: Downtempo Hits

MixGalaxy Records celebrates their birthday bash by releasing some of the best ambient, downtempo and chillout tracks in their roster. Formed back in 2009, this cool Russian net-label took their name after being local residents of forums. Now turning 1, this awesome netlabel gathers together 20 of the best dub, ambient & downtempo cuts into one relaxing album. Have a listen and enjoy a pleasant trip to a surreal musical landscape.

Up To The Ground: White Noise

French folk indie pop rockers armed with acoustic guitars, snapping fingers and unison chanty vocals. Up To The Ground's White Noise is filled with 8 relaxing feel-good tracks that reminds you of The Shins in the New Slang intro, and if they had decidedly less high pitched vocals. This is quiet, moody, relaxing music at its best. Not too happy, not too melancholic, just the right touch from these simple French rockers.

Silence is Sexy: This Ain’t Hollywood

Silence is Sexy releases their first foray into the online indie music scene with This Ain't Hollywood. This is the indie pop rock group's second full length album. After relative success with their first commercially released record, the band decided to take the open source route and released their second LP directly online. As a result, Silence is Sexy is garnering plenty of online buzz. Their album is filled with lush, beautiful, indie rock tracks that gives even successful indie rock groups a run for their money.