If you need to copy tons of files fast, then use TeraCopy. This handy utility promises to copy single files or even batches of files; moving them from one location to the other, in a fast and convenient way. Moreover, there’s also a portable version that you can carry around with you.

TeraCopy is an excellent tool to have if you regularly have to move big batches of files from one system to another. It considerably speeds up the process compared to that of Windows. If you think that it’s not really necessary, give it a go first and you’ll certainly be impressed at how fast in can copy your files.

The program is available for free download anyway and it offers plenty more features than your regular Windows utility. This nifty tool actually offers more than just giving you impressive speeds in your transfers. Some of the other features you can enjoy with TeraCopy include the capability to pause and resume file transfers. If you ever get interrupted in what you are doing, you can easily hit pause and just let it continue later on. There is also an error recovery option that automatically attempts to copy a certain error file several times. If the error persists, it simply skips over the file without stopping the entire process.

The program also lets you check on the files that had errors and attempt to fix them or copy them again. This lessens the hassle of having to copy everything once more. With a simple interface, the utility lets you breeze through the process of copying and transferring files.

Of course, it’s not all roses for this one. Some users might find the fact that it stays on top of other windows when used, a bit annoying. This is a minor inconvenience though.

In the end, its biggest draw is that it does work quite well in transferring files. The fact that it skips over corrupted files and simply proceeds with the transfer without stopping the entire operation is one of its best assets. Give it a go.  TeraCopy works with almost any Windows system including Windows 7 and 64 bit.

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