Becoming a DJ has now been made easier thanks to a variety of digital deejaying software in the market. Virtual DJ (Home Edition) is one of these much touted software. Now, you might have heard of Virtual DJ Pro and its hefty price tag but if you’re still starting out, this home edition might be best. Besides, it’s offered absolutely free.

Like the infamous software, this one has all the basic features you would need when you’re still trying to familiarize yourself with the digital turntable setup. The program helps wannabe deejays or simple bedroom musicians to play and mess around with various digital samples. It is available for free for non-commercial purposes only so it’s a bit restrictive when it comes to use. Nevertheless, beginners and those who are simply curious can give this a download.

Compared to old school setups, having a digital turntable station is so much easier. It’s faster and way more cheaper than having an entire rig of gadgets and records. This one only offers the most basic of features. It’s enough to help you set up mixes or create playlists. Once you are confident enough, you can pay the licensing fee to get all the other features that this software provides.

The moment you download the program, it instantly situates itself close to where you have easy access to your music collection. Some of the main features you can enjoy include volume and pitch control; one-click beat matching and synchronisation; automatic beat-matched and crossfading; automatic level matching; drag and drop beat matching; virtual scratch; CD to MP3 encoder and customizable skin, to name a few.

Although the game is a bit difficult to learn especially with just the mouse and keyboard, it’s still quite interesting to use. Just don’t expect it to be perfect. It has its kinks but it’s all good.

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