Warpaint is a shoegaze, experimental rock oufit from LA. The band has undergone quite a lot of lineup changes, including stints by actress Shannyn Sossamon and Pepper’s current guitar player, Josh Klinghoffer.

The group has received quite a bit of attention ever since their formation back in 2004. To date, they have grazed the covers of prominent magazines like NME and THE FLY.

Although most of the band’s records are available for sale, you can download individual songs from their Demos compilation for free. These 5 songs embody a raw, sonic psychedelic sound that ‘s characteristic of the group’s style. By early next year, the group will be actively touring Auckland, Australia and the UK in promotion of their latest record, The Fool. For the meantime, get a feel for the group by listening to this free record.

Warpaint’s Demos includes 5 tracks that are also available in their final versions on some of their later albums. For instance, their sweet track, Elephants, combines gorgeous vocals with a hypnotic almost melancholic feel. Of course, the songs are clearly on their rough stages for this one but there’s an endearing quality to the rawness of these tracks.

The great thing about this band is that they take several genres in one big vat, mix it all together and create a completely unique sound that is interesting and fresh to listen to. The psychedelic feel of certain tracks, are mixed with poppy vocals while some singles incorporate a blues vibe that is simply enchanting.

The group’s initial release was an EP titled, Exquisite Corpse (available for sale in several formats right here). The short album soared to the #1 in “Amoeba Records’ local artists chart.” The EP was also mixed by non other than John Frusciante himself and successfully captures the bands unique sound and personality. Currently, their latest record and singles have been receiving great reviews from prominent music magazines; for instance, The Fool, received an 8 out of 10 rating from top indie music  magazine, Spin.

From the looks of things, it could only get better for the band. Check them out.

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